Monday, November 3, 2008

More brownies...

Tried out yet another brownie recipe. This time from food recipes section.
Pretty informative site.... what's more there's lots of video demonstrations to teach you step-by-step. Here's a pic for you to drool on...

(Sorry, can't seem to find the link where I got the recipe from.)

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dolphine said...

I found your blog because I was searching for Japanese Cheesecake, a recipe I wanted to try since long time ago.

I have noticed that in your Jap Cheesecake recipe you din put the lemon juice which makes it different from the other Japanses CheeseCake.

I'm just wondering what's the purpose of the lemon juice. Is it the ingredient that give the sour taste to cheesecake?

Is this recipe similar to Miki Ojisan Cheesecake, as i love their cheesecake? I assume that's japanese cheesecake。

I love Miki Ojisan CheeseCake becoz it doesn't have that sour taste like the normal cheesecake does.